Hong Kong Listco Limited (‘HKlistco’) is a company with a mission to assist listed companies on, either the Main Board or the GEM Board, of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (‘HKEX’) to comply with information dissemination issues of the Listing Rules of the HKEX.

On 7th July, 2006, the HKEX published a new requirement for all listed companies to put their announcements and documents on its own web space in the Internet, effective on 25th June 2007.

Such documents must be stored on the web space for a minimum of 5 years and displayed free of charge to all viewers. In addition, HKEX also implemented a tight time limit between the posting of announcement on the HKEX website and the issuers own web space. For main board and GEM board issuers, the Rules Governing The Listing Of Securities On The Stock Exchange Of Hong Kong Limited (the “Listing Rules”) states that documents published must at the same time be published on their web space (ref: Listing Rule 2.07C 6(a) and GEM Listing Rule 16.19(1)).

Please click to see an extract from 2.07C 6(a) of the Listing Rules or GEM Listing Rules 16.19(1)

The tight time limit proposed by HKEX will require many listed companies to hire additional IT staff. Furthermore, there may be issues of workflow approvals within listed companies to meet the deadline.

HKlistco is formed primarily to help companies take care of such issues so that they may focus on their main business. We are a one stop shop that provides website design, announcement uploading and storing, web hosting and other related services to listed companies in Hong Kong.

Members of our management team have worked in the HKEX and was primarily responsible for establishing and operating the GEM website (which is an important source of reference in NPA). Other members of the management team have expertise in Website designs and have over 10 years of experience in building user-friendly websites.

Our Services
We offer 1 service package (subject to a minimum one year prepaid contract). Package includes a 24 hours announcement-upload service, a responsive customer service hotline, your own website link in the form (### being your stock code), 5 year minimum document storage.
Items to be posted on the web Plan HK$1000/month
Company Information Page YES
Company Announcement YES
Company Circular YES
Company Documents (Prospectus, etc) YES
Company Financial Reports YES
Corporate Governance Page YES
Tri-languages (English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese) YES
Unlimited Document Storage Space (MBs) YES
Email Alert YES
Company Press Releases (non-listing rules related items) YES
Company Description Page YES
Update your "Investor Relation" web page YES
Free Formatting and PDF Creation for Standard Announcements (e.g. Unusual Price / Volume Movement) YES
Our services are cost-effective and efficient because of a) the expertise and experience of our management who have worked in HKEX before and who knows the HKEX requirements very well; b) economies of scale; and c) we go the extra mile.
More Information
For more examples on what we do, please click on one of our clients page. If you require further information, please contact Ms. Lilian Wan at (852) 3755-4998 or email at [email protected] or facsimile at (852) 3622-1488.